No Code is a term you'll be encountering more and more over the course of your working relationship with NoCodeRecruit, so it's important to understand what it means, and what we mean when we use the words 'no code.' Being able to improve your business reputation, marketing strategy, and customer interaction is vital, and business apps signify one of the best ways of being able to achieve this.

You could team up with a professional Kent digital marketing in a bid to improve marketing and develop a business app. However, it is true that business mobile apps always seem unattainable unless you have knowledge of coding, or room in the budget to hire professional coding experts. Well, this is one of the reasons we love no code so much; it has become such a game-changer for so many modern business owner. It essentially allows you to build web and mobile apps without the need to have to write code.

The basics

No code tools are software development platforms that allow people to develop and create their own applications with no technical knowledge or coding capabilities at all. This has become hugely important as a way of allowing even non-technical people with no clue what they are doing to be able to build essential apps that can help their businesses grow. The drag-and-drop features and easy-to-use interfaces make it easy to visualise the development process, as well as being able to create something perfect for your business.

Coding is complicated

Look, let's be frank about it, running a successful business is already hard enough without having to start writing code as a way of helping improve your marketing strategy! Coding is complicated, and we're all about making things as simple and user-friendly as possible. The great advantage of no code is that you can build and create very easily through drag and drop capabilities without ever needing to write any of that pesky code.

Low code vs. no code

You may also have heard the term low code, which is similar to no code, but it still requires a basic level of coding in order to build apps, and requires users to work with developers during the process. With no code, even people with no technical knowledge at all can use the software and build the ideal app in an easy and stress-free way. No code is becoming more and more mainstream, and it's going to change the way people do business in the future.

No code platforms are growing in popularity, and there are literally hundreds of no code apps you can learn about through our site. If you are considering app development at some stage in the future, then no code apps are the way forward. This is certainly something you could discuss with your digital agency in Kent, and it's definitely going to be easy to use and make the most.